Mona Lisa Pure



Discover The Scent of Luxury!

Your Essence is Luxury. The Signature Scent with the Essence of A Muse. Mona Lisa is The Art Of Fragrance, an olfactory portrait illustrating the alluring Beauty Of Scent. It is the embodiment of your enduring essence. A Luxury Scent to awaken brilliance, creativity, and spirit. 

1 oz.

Handcrafted and hand-poured in small batches.

An Amber Resin extract in Sandalwood oils and essences.

Vegan & cruelty-free, mindful of your body and the environment. Free from Alcohol, Phthalates, Parabens, SLS, and Silicone.

A Work Of Art

Apply to pulse points with

body heat to ENHANCE

Radiate with The Herkimer Diamond

These exceptional quartz crystals are found exclusively in Herkimer County, New York. Forged under layers of rock more than 5000 million years ago, they set their surroundings aglow in once water-rich silica deposits. Ever since their creation under intense pressure, the remarkably clear Herkimer Diamond is one of the rarest ethically-sourced crystals in the world.

“Learn the art of science, study the science of art. Realize that everything is connected. ”

- Leonardo da Vinci

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Cheri N. (Los Angeles, CA)
Mona Lisa pure

The smell is so classy and light. I get compliments all the time. Thank you so much.

Sharon G. (Wichita, KS)
Soft and sensual

Love it!!! It’s soft yet when someone is near they want to know “ what are you wearing!!?? My husband loves it especially because it’s not overpowering…

S.G. (Los Angeles, CA)
An Obsession

I'm completely obsessed and so is everyone who smells it!

Amela S.
Every Drop Counts

"I’ve tried so many perfumes, Mona Lisa is my absolute favorite!"

Evette F.
Instantly fell in love

"Thanks for creating such a beautiful product."